HALTOO Wall/Ceiling Mount

  • 4 HOLES & PREMIUM WELDING PROCESS ENHANCE STABILITY AND FIRMNESS: The metal wall mount designed with 4 holes with stronger endurance, higher stability and safer supports than same swing mounts with 2 holes. And with premium welding process, it can safely support up to 850 pounds. So you can focus on taking your workout to the next level from novice to the military without worrying about your equipment.

  • GIVES YOU MULTIPLE WORKOUT CHOICES: Once you mounted the suspension trainer mount on wall or ceiling, you can choose any exercising forms to build your perfect body! When you take workout like body strengthen, yoga swing or fitness training, it definitely can not be short of tools of suspension straps like battle ropes resistance bands & boxing equipment. And these definitely can not be short of our mount! It will be a wonderful friend to help you building a self-satisfied and healthier body!
  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL WILL SERVE YOU A LONG TIME: Featured with durable refined steel, X-mount and 4 big standard screws, you can easily attach to a wall, vertical stud or secure overhead beam without worrying about a short lifetime. Our mount will always stay with you silently and help you be more and more attractive.

  Kemuse wall/ ceiling bracket featured with 4 holes X-mount, 1 sets screws and premium welding process. Gives it more possibilities to exercise indoors or outdoors, at home or gym.
  The most important is its super strong load-bearing capacity, up to 850 lbs, stable and safe. That means you can just focus on your workout and donât need to worry about falling down from training straps.

1x Wall/ ceiling mount
4x Expansion screws