Suspension Trainer Set


Suspension Trainer, Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Training, Total Body Workouts Tool for Home & Travel, Build Muscles, Improve Cardio, Burn Fat Indoors and Outdoors

This all in one Suspension Trainer, contains all required workout elements to train all your muscles at your own home gym, whilst travelling, indoor or outdoor. It will improve your health, help you become fit, burn your fat improve cardio. You can travel with this set, it has been designed for this purpose, you can train at your convenience, it is compact and light, can be carried in a bagpack. It can be set up under 30 seconds and will help you build your flexibility and strength as well as shape your body. Popular suspension trainings and resistance trainings can be easily completed using this equipment also you can do Pilates, Yoga, Crossfit and many more with it. We think you'll agree that working out your entire body by performing body weight exercises with our Suspension Trainer, which is body weight training at its best. It's affordable, versatile, and provides exceptional strength building results. Whether you’re a beginner athlete in training or an elite fitness junkie, our equipment for Home Exercises work when you work. We guarantee results!

SIMPLE & EASY TO USE: Simple & easy to use for upper & lower body exercises that can be performed anywhere, such as on the door, is ideal for conditioning & rehabbing muscles as well as specific workout for yoga, crossfit, lower body pilates, rotator cuff strengthening and running. It is lightweight and very mobile set.

MULTI - FUNCTIONAL: Suspension trainer and resistance bands can be used for multiple exercises, such as general exercise, stretching, strength building, power weight programs.

SUPER QUALITY: Our exercise set is easy on skin and free from defects and and will provide you with a worry free experience, set is very well prepared for all your exercises.

ADJUSTBALE & MOBILE: Adjustable Connection for consistent tension during any exercise. Meaning you can adjust the length of the Fitness Band for your individual needs. Work your Arms, Abs, Legs, Back and more! Set is compact and can be easily traveled with.

FULL MUSCLE BUILDING: The package includes: Main resistance band, Door Anchor, Handle Strap, Foot Cradles, Paper Box, Paper Guide, Wall Mount, Wall Plugs. Provides comprehensive workout muscles such as arms, legs, chest, shoulders, abdominals, back & butt.

EAN 5060781360002